About M.O.S.T.


Project M.O.S.T. (Men of Southwest Tennessee), specifically funded to assist African-American males, is all about providing our students with the necessary tools for success. Our theme is “Man Means Mind”. This speaks to the false perception that most of our students have about what being a man is all about. The “real man” is not just the physical exterior but is actually in the thinking; the mind. “As a man thinks, so is he”; we are what we think about. If you can change the thinking, you can change the person to put him on a path to SUCCESS. This means addressing some very deep-rooted issues that have lingered in many cases, from one generation to the next; plaguing the genetic memory and thinking of many African-American students. These issues affect intrinsic motivations such as self-esteem, self-image, worthiness, creativity, confidence, etc.


While providing a strong network of support, our program serves both traditional and non-traditional students who may be first-time college students; so the age range of our participants is rather broad. Nevertheless, our mission is still focused on trying to improve the lives of these students through education and self-awareness. The ultimate focus is on success through strategic retention and graduation strategies.

;M.O.S.T. Men

This picture depicts a typical bimonthly Success Meeting held in our training room that we have dubbed the “Haven of Success”.

For a copy of the M.O.S.T. brochure click on the following link: Project MOST brochure 2013


One thought on “About M.O.S.T.

  1. I enjoyed the website it was nice to see blackmen in group being productive, I’m a artist, could you email a couple of pics of your haven of success room I feel artistic about it???

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